We make PET Prayer Blankets for those pets that have a medical need for prayer and comfort.

Join us for our socials to learn how to make blankets and meet new friends or make on your own and send them our way to help furbabies in need.

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No sewing required to help

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*shipping for a blanket not in our local areas

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Next Blanket Social

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Our blanket social is held at:
American Legion Trafford Pa.
216 Cavitt Ave
Trafford Pa 15085

Volunteer Information

Our Main location for blanket socials is the American Legion Trafford.

You do not have to attend a social. A social is a place to learn how to make prayer blankets, work on blankets, drop off finished blankets, and meet new friends.

You can make NO SEW blankets at your home and drop them off at our address ( contact us first) or drop them off at a Blanket social.

Volunteer blanket makers who live out of town, out of state or out of the country can:

  • mail no-sew blankets to us
  • hold their blankets till they see a request for their location
  • contact us for info on how to become a SISTER group to the PITTSBURGH Pet Prayer Group.

Have a question? Use the form ⇒ or send us an email to petprayerblankets@myauntpenny.com.

Pet Prayer Blankets
c/o Penny Layne
119 Aquillin Court
Irwin pa 15642

Thank you for considering helping us to pray and make prayer blankets for sick, injured, abused, or aging pets. This project will go on as long as I live 🙂

Please be advised that this project does not have IRS charitable status.

We are ALL volunteers.

There is NO FEE for a pet to receive a prayer blanket. The monetary gifts are used to purchase more supplies as well as to ship blankets.

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