Homemade Pierogi & Cherrywood Smoked Kielbasa Order Form

Perogies by the dozen: Potato & Cheddar, Sauerkraut or Jalapeno Popper

Kielbassa by the 1.5-pound package: Plain, Cheddar, Ghost Pepper or Siracha

ALL orders must be pre-paid through PAYPAL.

Pickup only on August 2, 2020, between 1 pm and 4 pm

You MUST wear a mask to enter the building and while in the building. IF for any reason the Legion can not be open that day (due to COVID) we will still have pickups in the parking lot while using coolers.

Pickup Location:
American Legion Trafford
216 Cavitt Ave
Trafford Pa 15085

All orders for pierogis and/ or kielbasa will be cold/frozen.

Sorry, the order taking has been closed. Please watch for our next sale later this year.

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