It’s not just an animal….. We are “your people”. We do understand what you are going thru and we are here to help.

Group sessions will be held throughout the year.
Private sessions can be scheduled in YOUR home

Join others that have experienced the passing or disappearance of a beloved pet or the euthanization of a shelter/rescue animal for support and resources.

Our certified pet loss care professionals will offer you time and comfort as you express your feelings, thoughts, and concerns in our small group.

All sessions will be held at Sweet Buzz Bean and Bistro

Upcoming Meetings

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MENTAL HEALTH DISCLAIMER: Pet loss can trigger difficult emotional responses that warrant professional help which is beyond the scope and training of our team. While we provide compassionate support, we are unable to evaluate human mental health issues and do not provide mental health counseling. Our services are not intended to directly support or provide a substitute for definitive mental health care, especially in a crisis. Our services may be able to help you find a resource in your area but we cannot provide referrals to specific human mental health services.

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