Rules for the photo contest

  • Your $10 entry fee will enter you in the contest for one submission.
  • You may enter ONE photo per pet or ONE photo for a group of pets. You MUST own all of the pets in the photo.
  • The photo must be HIGH quality – our calendar designer will let us know if a photo can not be used,
  • You can not use any photo that has a copyright on it
  • The winner will be chosen by Pet Prayer Blankets ( Penny and Shawn)
  • Only a pet or pets may be in the photo – NO PEOPLE
  • Your pet may be in any other part of the calendar and still be in this photo contest
The deadline for entries is Oct 25
The winner will be announced on Nov 1.

The winning pet/s will be featured on the FRONT of the 2022 pet Prayer Blankets

Submit your photo below to be included in the contest.

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